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ProntoFoods' all-in-one solution POS offers the full potential of your business' online presence. Our POS systems consolidates all online orders, streamlining the process and boosting your margins.

Online orders: Easy. Efficient. Reliable.
Say goodbye to errors and hello to a simplified yet powerful online ordering experience. Elevate your business' online game with ProntoFoods.
How it works
Pronto Foods' POS manages and displays all incoming orders through all connected aggregator channels.
Each ordered item automatically deducts from total stock quantity.
All transactions sum up at the dashboard to show exact quantity.
Trusted partners
Over 100 happy merchants who trust Pronto POS
With Pronto, you’re part of something bigger.
Pronto Foods' POS processed over 100,000 transaction in the last year.
Partners saved up to +1.000 hours in labor costs
£1.2 million
£1.2 million worth of transactions were processed over our POS
Solution sets for every
business type and size.
Dark Kitchens & Dark Stores
Grocery Retailers
Tools for front of house, like menus and table management - and back of house, like kitchen displays and delivery.
All the retail tools you need for selling online and instore – from inventory management, exchanges, and more.
Build custom solutions and deliver great customer experiences with advanced reporting and more.
Too many tablets?
Let's fix that
optimize operations
Improve your restaurant's operational flow and minimize errors by aggregating all your orders into one POS.
Drive sales to the next level
understand performance
Learn which online channels and items attract the most profit and make data-backed decisions for your business from single automated Pronto Dashboard.
Saved time = saved money
work efficiently
Update all menus, across all your channels, faster than ever before. Launch automated campaigns and stay on top of product stock in just a few taps.
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